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Origin of Callenius



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24. Nov 2012:

Hochzeit Sofie Stilz und Hermann Mayer

 Marriage of Sofie Stilz with Hermann Mayer 1932


My ancestors have different lines with different regional provenances.


  • Callenius: This line has the origin in Eschwege (in northern Hesse) and near by. The sources of these data based mostly on two existing  proof of ancestry from the 1930s. I have made additionally some researches in the church records of Eschwege. The name Callenius get lost in Eschwege. see also chapter Origin of Callenius.
  • Kath: This family comes from Pomerania, around the city of Belgard (pl: Białogard) resp. Kozalin. The data based only on the above mentioned proof of ancestry and the corresponding documents. Additional researches are very complicated because of language, territory and destroyed documents in the world war II. We have been in Poland quite recently and we have visited this area and also those villages. You can find the impressions at my new site "Pomerania".
  • Diebold and Hiß: These lines came from the "Kaiserstuhl" in Baden. All around Eichstetten.and  Jungingen. The data based mostly on a book about the Hiß family which was printed 1962. The data base is quite good, but the church records start only after 30 Years War. The line of Diebold has some bigger gaps. Since  2002 there exists a heritage book of Eichstetten from  Kurt Heinzmann.It can be ordered via the local government in Eichstetten.


  • Mayer: Up to now, the theory was, that the family Mayer came from Hohenacker. From there they moved via Grunbach to Großheppach. Since 1730 the family is settled in Großheppach. Latest researches figured out, that the Mayer came originally from Zimmern
    An information by accident in the Hessinger church records figured out, that the catholic Hans Mayer, an orphan, came during the 30 Years War (approx. 1634) from Zimmern to Hohenacker. There he converted to Protestant and settled in Hohenacker. With his wife Anna he got at leas 3 children. One of these children, Johann Melchior, was born 1655 and took a wife in Grunbach.   
  • Some bigger parts came from Großheppach. E.g Böhringer (before the 30 Years War this family came from Dürnau, county of Göppingen), Durst, Ellwanger or Sigle. The availability of sources in Großheppach is very good and all data from Großheppach are researched properly. 
  • Gienger: This family came from Weilheim/Teck resp. Hepsisau. The information is getting back until middle of 17th century. But there are more potentials.
  • Stilz/Bischoff: Those families came from the swebian Schnait. The availability of the sources is quite good until 16th century and the data is researched properly.