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24. Nov 2012:

Güterbuch Großheppach
Cadastral Register Grossheppach, year 1644

One of my big project is to research for all persons, which has been lived before 1800 in Grossheppach, Kleinheppach and Gundelsbach.

This research project is not limited by the datas, like birth, marriage or death. Also the family surroundings, like personal status, demographic change, stories, anecdotes, etc. By using records from church and local sources. So this project gives also an impression of the social situation in the last centuries in the lower Remstal..


View of Grossheppach, forrest map of 1685


The data base is still existing quite well. The church records are existing from 1558 nearly without gaps. Only the book of the death stats 1648 after the 30 years war. Additional to this there are existing "Seelenregister" a kind of a families book. Where there are additional, very personal information. Then there are many local sources from different centuries available. Like lists of properties, list of taxes, marriage contracts, naturalisation lists, sourcing-, Inventuries- and separation books, estates, pledges, list of houses, list of army physical or other court records. The newer sources (17th century and younger) are mostly available in the local records office in Weinstadt. the older sources are mostly stored in the Württemberg Main State Archive in Stuttgart.

The project is running. But the data will be not be published here.

In this context I am happy for every note from other cities or towns which relates to Grossheppach, Kleinheppach or Gundelsbach. If you have, I would be extremely grateful for an E-Mail. On the other side I can give capably and detailed answers about the families of these towns


View of Kleinheppach, forrest map of 1685