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Ehebucheintrag RudolphCallenius
Mariage church record of Eschwege of 1760 of Rudolph Callenius with Anna Gleim
"d. 5 t. [Febr. 1760] Johann Rudolff Colenius von Volleben u. Anna Gleim"



The name Callenius can actually be found mostly in Europe and North America. The Amercians have surely moved from Europe. Interesting: Callenius can be found more often in Finland than in Germany. But the name has surely been created during the humanism in Germany. The hzmanism was founded in the 15th century in Italy. From there it was spreaded throughout Europe. This time it was state-of-the-art to give your name a latin touch. This was made mostly by (source: dtv-Atlas Namenskunde, dtv 1998, S. 171):


1.  Created by forming and adding name ends. E.g. Dietrich to Decius, Heinrich to Henrici, Froben (first names) to Frobenius, Krämer to Cremerius, Müller to Myllius, Nolte to Noltenius

2.  Created by translation: Bauer to Agricola, Becker to Pistorius, Fischer to Piscatorius, Fuchs to Vulpius, Schneider to Sartorius

Sometimes the people created much fantasy. E.g. there was created Hüssgen ‚Häuschen’ as ‚Hausschein’ meant and translated then to Oekolompadius. Many latinized names has been dissappeared but some kept - as Callenius.



The exact meaning is actually not known. There are some variants known: Callenius, Calenius, Colenius. The names Galenius or Galen could be important when searching to the roots.




The first known ancestor of this family Callenius was the wigmaker Johann Rudolf. He came from "Volleben". He married  1760 into the old settled family Gleim in Eschwege. The city Volleben has not yet been located surely. 

Wappen Callenius

One well-known Callenius is located in Cologne in the 16th century. He had an own coaVerlag Gervin Calleniust of arms (bourgeois): "Calenius, Gerwin, Stimmeister zu Köln, gest. 1600; sein Sohn Gerwij. u. l. geb. 1559, Rathsherr zu Köln". Source: Siebmacher's großes Wappenbuch Bd. 10, Die Wappen bürgerlicher Geschlechter Deutschlands und der Schweiz Teil 2, 1972.

Verlag Gerwin Calenius

The older Gerwin has had an own publishing company. Some of the books of the publishing company are still available in second hand bookshops (editions from 1559 to 1589 can be located). See also the second hand bookshop platform ZVAB.


The hitherto research to the city Volleben

Find here the researches for Volleben:.

 Brief Volleben

I found on a transcript of a letter from my grandfather to the priest's office of Volleben from 7th April 1938 this small notice: "Kam am 12.4.38 als unzustellbar zurück. Einen Ort 'Volleben' konnte die Reichspost nicht finden". [Was sent back, "Volleben" is not known by the Reichspost]. So it seem, that the city is also not in the eastern parts of the old Germany. 

I wrote to the priest's office of Eschwege in the year 1992. The former dean Fritz Delius meant that the death records of Rudolf and Anna Callenius can not be found. Both have left Eschwege because of economy reasons. The boom of wigmakers were over and the based regiment  Erbprinz had been moved also to North America.  Delius meant, Volleben could be a city in Thüringen, near Erfurt, or in Sachsen-Anhalt or around Magdeburg. Base for this theory is the ending "-leben", which is very common in this regeions.

I wroth to the public records office in Weimar, Gotha office. But I became the message, that the city Volleben is not kn own in the regions. But it could be the city Uelleben near by Gotha as the letters "V" and "U" were often used interchangeably.

End of 1992 I wrote to the priest's office in Uelleben. Pastor Kunze from the priest's office in Ermleben answered, that the name Callenius is not existing in the church records of Ülleben. The I was very frustated that I firstly stoped searching.

In 2007 I made an internet research at www.ahnenforschung.org  and I became two tips: It could be the city Holleben near of Halle a.d. Saale. And it could be the dity  Wollersleben. The first tip seem to be more realistic as the second. But I have not checked both of them. 

Due to a map research in 2007 I recognized that the city Volleben could be the city Polleben near Eisleben. I asked at the priest's office. But the church records were at the microfilming from 2007 to 2011. So they were not available,


In 2008 I have found the one and only usable reference regarding the city of Volleben. In a book of  1824 ("Heidelberger Jahrbücher der Literatur, Vierzehnter Jahrgang oder neue Folge erster Jahrgang Zweite Hälfte July bis December" Heidelberg, 1824; www.books.google.de/books?id=6r YEAAAAQAAJ&printsec=titlepage&dq) you can find the city Volleben exactly in the right notation "im Amte Volleben, bey Eisleben". It seem, that the Volleben ist the city Polleben which is only 6 km from Eisleben.

Ehebucheintrag Volleben

In the meantime I have organized a copy of the marriage record of Eschwege of 1760. The copy has a bad quality, as you can see on the top of the site, but it is sufficient for reading. The name "Volleben" is very visible.

I have sent again an email to the priest's office of Polleben. The church records are microfilmed now and they are back at the priest's office with some months delay. A first feeback was, thet there is no "Callenius" in the records. 

Now I have dig deeper and maybe I have to go there to check the church records directly.