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24. Nov 2012:


Nice to meet you here ... 

No I publish my first English web site. I have translated this on my own, so the english is not perfect - but I think it will be understandable. Reason for this English site were the many visitors of my web site from outer Germany. So I think this helps for those people who can not speak German. 

I am publishing here information and records, I have collected in the past more than 20 years of activity of genealogy research. Some information comes from third party The most I have researched on my own. 

The research of the records of my wife's family is just at the beginning. Here is much to do for the future.

Many thanks to those people, they assist me in my activities. Especially to my family. They brought much tolerance into this as the hobby is  very time consuming.

If there is overlapping to other families, I am pleased for additional information. The present work can not not be perfect. So it could be nice to have information about errors/failures. Please send just an  e-Mail. Sure, I have additionally to the shown lists many information. If you like, I can send those to you. A contact gives always chances to both sides. I am looking forward to have a lively exchange.

Since my last update from 2009 I have added some information about some families in the Remstal. But those changes are only slightly.

I have found the roots of the Mayer family backwards two more generations. My mothers ancestor Hans Mayer came from Zimmern near of Schwäbisch Gmünd down to Hohenacker during the Thirty Years' War. More deails you will find here.

Quite recently I visited the home of my ancestors (paternal grandmother) in Pommern. Which is now Poland. The paternal relatives "Kath"  came from Pommern in the near of Belgard. The family moved to Eichstetten in Baden. I wanted to know, where the ancestors came from. Where and how they lived. So I took some pictures I want to share with you from the towns Lenzen, (today Łęczno), Grüssow (Gruszewo), Dassow (Daszewo) and Altmarrin (Mierzyn). I have also visited an outdoor museum. The pictures and impressions you will find at Pomerania galery.

Your Wolfram Callenius, 17. November 2012


Origin of Callenius

Rudolf Callenius

The suremane Callenius is not really comon. Here you will find all information regarding the name Callenius [more] ...




Here you will find short information about the different families of my ancestors. 
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Here is a data base which includes all my ancestors with approx. 2000 different people in 19 generations. [more] ...

Heritage Book Großheppach and Kleinheppach


Here you will find the update on the current status of my big project: Creating a heritage book of the two villages Großheppach and Kleinheppach. [more] ...


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