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From Germany to North America
The todays living Callenius-families have all their roots in Germany, as far as I have researched up to now. They were immigrants from Germany. Or - let's say - they emigrated from Germany. Mostly in a time, where there was a bad economic situation in Germany.

Biggest Callenius-Family in the USA
One of the biggest or the biggest Callenius family has its center in Iowa. They are related tho the German emigrant Adolph Friedrich Callenius. He was born at 06 June 1834 in Dorum. Son of Otto Christian Ludewig Callenius and Anna Elisabeth Heynsohn. So he is the grandson of the oldest Callenius, Otto Ludwig Callenius (1752 - 1828), of the german root from Dorum. Here the baptist record of the curch Dorum from 1834:

"[Taufe am] 14 t[en] [Juni 1834] / Callenius Otto Christian Ludwig, pensionirter Fähnrich in Dorum, u. dessen Ehefrau Anna Elisabeth Heinsohn am 3 t[en] Juni geb. Sohn, gen. Adolph Fridrich. T[auf] z[eugen] Adolph Behen Leutenant in (Fade?) 2, Joh. Friedr. Jacobi. 3, Bernhard Callenius [Bem: ein Onkel]" [= baptist on 14 June 1834 / Callenius Otto Chruistan Ludwig, retired "Fähnrich" [kind of soldier] in Dorum, and his wife Anna Elisabeth Heinson, born on 3rd Jun, named Adolph Fridrich. Godparents Adolph Behen, lieutenant in (Fade?) 2, Joh. Friedr. Jacobi. 3, Bernhard Callenius [remark: an uncle]

Adolph Friedrich Callenius / Adolph William Callenius / Adolph F. L. Callenius
Adolph Friedrich Callenius emigrated around 1860 to USA, he married before 1861 Metta Eggers (his probable first child George H. Callenius was born on 30.07.1861 in New York) and lives for a short period in Illinois (1865) and settled also 1865 finally in Baker, O'Brien, Iowa. In USA he named himself "Adolph William Callenius" or "Adolph F. L. Callenius". He died on 02.06.1913 in Primghar, O'Brian, Iowa - by the way, at the tombstone is the wrong year: 1914 [source: Find A Grave].
George H. Callenius / Otto F.L. Callenius / William Callenius / Annie Callenius
As far as I found out, beside of a doughter Annie (* 1867), Adolph had three sons: George H. (*1861), Otto F. L. (* 1862) and William (* 1873/74). From these children there are a respective amount of today living, Callenius named ancestors. Almost all today in Iowa living Callenius are related to this family.