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Family roots
In Germany I have fond two main Callenius family roots:

One with the origin in Eschwege, Hesse
One with the origin in Dorum, county Cuxhaven, Lower Saxony

The Eschwege tree can be traced back to 1760, the tree of Dorum can be traced back to 1786. If both families are connected together, is not detected yet. But it is a possible option, even both towns are 330 km from each other and are in different states resp. principality.

In other documents there have been found different and single persons from earlier periods, named Callenius or Calenius. But those can not be connected yet:

WappenCalleniusLambert Callenius: born around 1480; citicen in Uelzen, 80 km SE from Hamburg, + 1549.

Paul Callenius: Stipendium 1533; 1537-1541 in Uelzen, 1544 priest in Hanstedt/Bevensen, 60 km SE from Hamburg. 1555 Deacon in Bardowick at Lüneburg. 1570-1592 priest in Lüneburg in the St. Lamberti-church, 40 km SE of Hamburg. oo before 1646; + 22.10.1594 in Bardowick; all authors have detected this priest and deacon as Bernhard Callenius identified. But this is wrong; Father is the Lambert Callenius (see above), * around 1480

Gerwin Callenius: from Lippstadt, tuner master in Cologne, publischer and  council member in Cologne; 1558 publischer in Cologne; 1579 council member of the city of Cologne; 1600 licentiate of the rights in Cologne; 1579 citicen in Cologne; born 1525; died 1600; oo 1557 with Sophia NN.; had an own arms (see right picture, sourche: Siebmacher's großes Wappenbuch Bd. 10, Die Wappen bürgerlicher Geschlechter Deutschlands und der Schweiz Teil 2, 1972)


Anna Callenius: born around 1530 in Medingen, Lüneburg; oo around 1546 with David Jacobusson Monradus

Bernhard Callenius: oo around 1535

Anna Callenius: born 1544 in Ulzen, Lüneburg

Lambertus Callenius: born 06. Mar 1546 in Bardowick at Lüneburg; + 1591; Father: Paul Callenius (see above)

Gerwin Callenius; born 1559; + 1620; father: Gerwin Callenius (see above); at least married two times; had 1608 income from the property Bodendorf including mill and wine yards; he des not have men's children heirs

Jakobus Callenius: 1571 enroled at university in Rostock together with Lambertus Callenius, from Lüneburg (city od. country/county)

Paul Callenius: born 1575 (estimated); father: Lambertus Callenius (* 06.03.1546)

Gertr(a)ud Callenius: born around 1585 (estimated); doughter of Gerwin Callenius (* 1559) - see above - from first marriage; oo Johann Oeckhoven, councillor and "Bürgermeister" of Köln (+ before 1621)

Sophia Callenius: born around 1585 (estimated); doughter of Gerwin Callenius (* 1559) - see above - from first marriage

Anna Callenius; * around 1590 (estimated); doughter of Gerwin Callenius (* 1559) - see above - from second marriage; oo with Franziskus Fabri in Bonn

Family Callenius in Eschwege
Brief Volleben
The oldest known ancestor of my family Callenius - the wigmaker Johann Rudolf Callenius - sould came from "Volleben" and married in Eschwege 1760 into the old Eschwege family GLEIM. Unfortunately the town Volleben could not be determined cirtenly. On a transcript from a letter of Willy Callenius from 07.04.1938 to the parish office in Polleben he has noted at the side: "Kam am 12.4.38 als unzustellbar zurück. Einen Ort 'Volleben' konnte die Reichspost nicht finden" [Came back on 12 Apr 1938 as undeliverable. The town Volleben could not determined by the Reichspost.]. That means, the town was unknown already in 1938 and in eastern German regions. See picture on the right.

This was the start of the quest for the town Volleben.

Searching for the town Volleben

As I have a dead end in my researches, I have tried to find this town. At first, I was organising the related church record in the marriage book of the protestant church in Eschwege-Altstadt, 1760:

"Febr. d[en] 5. [1760] Johann Rudolff Colenius, von Volleben, u. Anna Gleim" [Februar the 5th [1760] Johann Rudolff Colenius, from Volleben and Anna Gleim]

The name of the origin "Volleben" is clearly visible.

In 1992 I sent a letter to the church office Eschwege. The former, retired dean Fritz Delius remarked, that the death indices can not be found in the church records. They will have left the city because of economical reasons. The economy for wigmakes were going down. And the regiment Erbprinz - which was may the main customer for wigs - was relocated to another place. Also to North America. Delius mentioned, that Volleben could be a town in Thüringen, around Erfurt or also in Saxony-Anhalt or around Magdeburg. The indication for this is the ending '-leben' which is very common in these areas.

I sent a letter to the Staatsarchiv Weimar, branch office Gotha. But I got the answer, that a village Volleben not exists in that administration district. I got the tip, that Volleben could be the village Uelleben, close to Gotha, as the letter "V" and "U" was used very often synonymus.

End 1992 I wrote brave to the parrish office Uelleben. But the priest Kunze from the parish office Ermleben ansered: "Unfortunately I have to inform you, that the name Colenius does not exist in the church records of Ülleben (I have the register folder in front of me with all records between 1638 and 1808)". Then I was so frustrated, that I stoped surching.

At online requests in 2007 at I got two bekam two indication: Volleben could be the village Holleben, close to Halle a.d. Saale. Another indication refered to the village of Wollersleben. The first hint seemed to be more consistent than the second. But I did not search both of them.

During a map research in 2007 I hit on the option, it could be the village Polleben near Eisleben. But their church records had been at the microfilming, and have not been available for reserches.

In spring 2008 I got the only really useful hint about the village "Volleben". In a book from 1824 ("Heidelberger Jahrbücher der Literatur, Vierzehnter Jahrgang oder neue Folge erster Jahrgang Zweite Hälfte July bis December" Heidelberg, 1824 
I found the village Volleben in exact that particular naming of the original records of Eschwege from 1760. In the book you can read: "im Amte Volleben, bey Eisleben". [= "in the administrative unit Volleben, near Eisleben"]. Therefore it seem, that the village Polleben is identical with the village of Polleben, which is just 6km northeast of Eisleben and today a distric of the city Eisleben:


Again, I wrote to the parrish office Polleben. After some months delay, the church records came back to the office from filming. A first feedback was, that the name "Callenius" can not be found in those church records in the requested period.

I have to search again in those books. Unfortunately the books itself are not available any more for public. But the microfilms are stored in the church archive in Magdeburg (

But up to now the village "Volleben" is still not surely localised

The name Callenius survived some generations in Eschwege and has been spread slightly around Germany. Almost all people named Callenius have the roots from this families.

Family Callenius in Dorum

Via a US-research I found another Callenius Family in Germany from northern Germany, from the village Dorum. 25 km north of Bremerhaven. I have ordered the church records from the Church of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons) in Utah/US to Germany. I worked through the church records, searching for the name Callenius. I found, that in 1786 the name Callenius appears first time and then periodically in the books by the quartermaster in the 3rd  cavalry regiment Hannover, Otto Ludwig Callenius in the baptismal register of the protestant community Dorum. He quit his military profession and settled with his wife Helena Catharina Eibsen as a distiller in Dorum.

Baptismal register Dorum, year 1786:
Baptism record Dorum, 1786
"Im Julio den 4ten. [1786] / Otto Ludwig Colenius, QuartierMaister zu Alsum, und Helene Catharine, geb. Eibssen eodem, Sohn geb. Johann Eike" [= July 4th [1786] / Otto Ludwig Colenius, quartermaster in Alsum, and Helene Catharine, geb. Eibssen, also there, a son born Johann Eike]. Alsum is a part of Dorum.

They had a number of children. One of his granchilds emigrated in the mid of 19th century to North America and settled in Baker, OBrien, Iowa.

In the adressbook of Dorum from 1898/99 can be found a beer brewery of O. Callenius und a "Calenius Hotel".
Beer brewery O. CalleniusHotel Callenius

Almost all Callenius-descendants of this family ate excinct in Germany. As I have been told by a local man, there was a Callenius farmer family in Dorum. But they died out some years ago.

Here some gravestone-pictures of the grave in Dorum [Source: Find A Grave]: