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Stilz: An ordinary family in Grossheppach

The Stilz family was a ordinary and not rich family. Sophie Marie Stilz married on 08.02.1932 in Grossheppach Hermann Jakob Mayer. The father of the groom, the patriarch Friedrich Mayer (1863-1935) disagreed with tha marriage and is not on the marriage picture (see picture - beside the bridgedom there are the parents of the bride)! The suicide of the grandfather of the bride in 1917 was maybe also a reason for the disagreement. The ancestors of Sophie Marie Stilz (1909 - 1977) were mostly winemakers. The Stilz family came originally from Schnait.

 Mayer in GrossheppachPicture: Marriage of Sophie Marie Stilz with Hermann Jakob Mayer in Grossheppach, 1932. In front of the restaurant "Schlüssel" (Brückenstr. 1, Grossheppach - today butcher Klass)

I had to devide the family chart into four brances, as the width is too wide to have a proper view.

Sophie Marie STILZ
* 27.07.1909 Großheppach; + 17.05.1977 Waiblingen, hospital

oo 01.04.1932 in Grossheppach
Hermann Jakob MAYER, winemaker, fruit farmer, fruit tree refiner and honeymaker in Grossheppach. Also known for his self-made baskets. Details see here.

Gottlob August STILZ; wine maker in Grossheppach; was leasing the milk house in Grossheppach.
* 20.08.1875 Grossheppach; + 21.05.1942 Grossheppach
oo 19.11.1908 Grossheppach


Christiane Sofie
* 04.11.1881 Grossheppach; + 31.07.1964 Großheppach

Parents of Gottlob August STILZ;
Johann Daniel STILZ
; Inhabitant and wine maker in Grossheppach
* 24.01.1836 Schnait; + 20.09.1917  Grossheppach, by suizide
oo 22.11.1864 Grossheppach
Christina Barbara ELLWANGER
* 114.11.1840 Grossheppach; + 04.05.1916 Grossheppach

Parents of  Christiane Sofie BÖHRINGER:
Gottfred BÖHRINGER; Wine and basked maker in Grossheppach
* 23.11.1838 Grossheppach; + 13.01.1923  Grossheppach
oo 13.09.1877 Grossheppach

Christiane Elisabeth RAYLE
* 23.09.1849  Grossheppach; + 29.05.1903 Grossheppach

A detailled list of ancestors you will find in a kekule-sorted list.

Family tree of Johann Daniel STILZ (1836-1917):Family Tree Gotthilf Friedrich Mayer

Family tree of Christina Barbara ELLWANGER (1840-1916):
Family Tree Christiane Katharine Durst

Family tree of Gottfred BÖHRINGER (1838-1923):

Family tree of Christiane Elisabeth RAYLE (1849-1903):
Family Chart Elisabethe Fiedrike Gienger

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