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Where does the Name CALLENIUS come from?

According to publicprofiler the name CALLNIUS should come from Germany, as already assumed. It is suggested, that the name was founded during the humanism in the renaissance period. This epoch loved the antiquity and it was en vogue to have a Latin name. The original name was there and then changed into Latin languate. The literature differentiate here two variants:

1. Arisen by transforming and adding a Latin suffix. E.g. Dietrich to Deius, Heinrich to Henrici, Froben (given name) to Frobenius, Krämer to Cremerius, Müller zu Myllius, Nolte to Noltenius.

2. Arisen by translation: Bauer (= farmer) to Agricola, Becker (= baker) to Pistorius, Fischer (= fisher) to Piscatorius, Fuchs (= fox) to Vulpius, Schneider (= tailor) to Sartorius.

Sometimes there was a lot creativity. So there was made out of Hüssgen (= "Häuschen" = small cottage), transforming to Oekolompadius (as it was read as "Hausschein" = light in the house). Many Latinized names disappear, but some keep. As e.g. Sutorius (= cobbler), Praetorius (= bailiff), Albinus (= white) or Lupus (= wolf) or even - Callenius.

Following possibilities for translation for Callenius:
  • From Middle High German word "kallen" = noisy chatting. In an old saying: "vil kalhart und klapperleut" [source: from Detlef05, Hamburg, 13.01.2008]
  • From the name "Galen". This name is existing until today.
  • From callidus = skillful, clever, proficient, practically. Then the name could be from the family name "Schlau" [source: from J. Steffen, Hamburg, 13.01.2008]
  • From callens = thick(-skinned) [source: from J. Steffen, Hamburg, 13.01.2008]
  • The latinized form of the surename Kahl, Kahle, Kahlen [source: from J. Steffen, Hamburg, 13.01.2008]

As of missing sources is the real meaning and origin of Callenius theoretically.

Where the Callenius families come from is also not clear right now. See her also the chapter "Geographic Spread"

As mentioned before, you are highly welcomed to add information you might have around the name Callenius. Every information is worthwhile. It can be published here. Please send information to