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Long-established family in the Rems valley close to Stuttgart with very good existing sources and documents

The Mayer family is an long-established and quite rich winmakers family in Großheppach. Friedrich Immanuel Mayer married 1893 her cousin Elisabethe Pauline Mayer, so their fathers were brothers. Mayer in Grossheppach

Their ancestors were mostly winemakers, some were crafts men. The marriage was normally within the village, sometimes from a village near by. Marriages from far away (>15 km) were very rare. The age of marriage was around 25 years. They had a lot children, but the chld mortality was also quite high. There were also frequently epidemics. All ahead the plague, which has killed a lot of people in a very short period of time. In the lower Rems vally I could recognise epedemics e.g. 1596 (dysentery "rote Ruhr"), 1607 (plague), 1611 (plague), 1626 (the big plague) or 1635/36 (plague).

A detailled list of ancestors you will find in a kekule-sorted list.

I had to devide the family chart into four brances, as the width is too wide to have a proper view.

Hermann Jakob MAYER, winemaker, fruit farmer, fruit tree refiner and honeymaker in Grossheppach. Also known for his self-made baskets.
* 05.04.1904 Grossheppach
+ 30.10.1996 Grossheppach, because of age
oo 01.04.1932 in Grossheppach Sophie Marie STILZ, see at Stilz

Friedrich Immanuel MAYER; citicen and winemaker in Grossheppach
* 15.04.1863 Grossheppach; + 08.11.1935 Grosshepach
oo 02.02.1893 Grossheppach

Elisabethe Pauline
* 16.04.1872 Grossheppach; + 05.10.1945 Grossheppach

Parents of Frieidrich Immanuel MAYER :
Gotthilf Friedrich MAYER; winemaker and municipal council in Grossheppach and brother of the below mentioned Gottlieb Friedrich Mayer
* 16.08.1834 Grossheppach; + 18.04.1893 Grossheppach
oo 30.04.1861 Grossheppach
Christiane Katharine DURST
* 14.03.1836 Grossheppach; + 23.01.1871 Grossheppach

Parents of Elisabethe Pauline MAYER:
Gottlieb Friedrich MAYER; wine maker in Grossheppach, Brother of above mentioned Gotthilf Friedrich Mayer
* 13.09.1836 Grossheppach; + 29.11.1882 Grossheppach
oo 01.09.1868 Grossheppach
Elisabethe Friederika GIENGER
* 30.03.1843  Grossheppach; + 30.10.1916 Grossheppach

Family tree of Gotthilf Friedrich MAYER (1834-1893):Family Tree Gotthilf Friedrich Mayer

Family tree of Christiane Katharine DURST (1836-1871):
Family Tree Christiane Katharine Durst

Family tree of Gottlieb Friedrich MAYER (1836-1882):
Family chart Gottlieb Friedrich Mayer

Family tree of Elisabethe Friederike GIENGER (1843-1916):
Family Chart Elisabethe Fiedrike Gienger

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